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Workforce solutions on a platform

A platform that provides businesses with quick access to talented management professionals to support their workforce strategy

SolveCubeHR the place to be!


A Match not a list

Technology that matches skill to task. It provides rankordered recommendations, quickly, simply, accurately and transparently.



Management experts from across domains and Ready to use HR policies, templates, manuals and planning for people mangement tools in one place.



Upload your JD or requirement to find a rankordered match. Upload your CV to find exciting assignments



Freedom to hire the best without concern for physical presence or employment restrictions, or permanent employee obligations.


Curated & Verified

Feel assuranced about the capability of the experts you hire for short term assignments


Hassle-free engagement

Relief from admin issues for a pain-free engagement experience.

With SolveCubeHR you can


Do Business online

Hire Management Domain Experts, get advise and buy HR Products online


Access Globally

Choose product and service solutions that suit your needs from the global Management Domain Experts eco system.


Get efficient

Solve Business issues anytime from anywhere! Save time and money with simple cost effective Management domain experts, HR tools and toolkits



Curated, verified frelance management talent - CXOs and two levels below HR diagnostics tools and ready to use toolkits


Access three ways

Direct - Onboard and use the services independently SAPS - SolveCube Assisted Platform Service PaaS - Platform As A Service



Source, contract, monitor, pay for Freelance services and products online seamlessly


Save Costs

Reduce your permanent headcount and hire managerial talent as and when you need it for a blended workforce strategy.


Build contingent teams

Confidently undertake and complete projects on schedule without carrying spare capacity


Payments assured

Payments are collected by milestone in advance and paid on satisfactory completion by milestone.

For Client

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Management Domain experts and a wide range of HR technology and non-tech solutions all in one place.



Attract a bigger audience. Find sellers beyond your business management network.


Matched & Curated

SolveCubeHR delivers solutions that are curated rank ordered and matched by task to capability Instantly

For Domain Experts

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Showcase Management Domain expertise. Make available new HR tech and non-tech products in the market.


Get Matched

Receive curated skills matched to specific task assignments.


Save Money

Let the matchmaking engine do the sales pitch for you.

Our Partner

Lighthouse LLC

Lighthouse LLC is a management consulting firm operating in Middle East serving leading businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations, and not-for-profits for the last 15 years. It helps clients make lasting improvements to performance and realize their most important goals by providing solutions in the areas of - designing and implementation of strategic plans, manage large scale change, human capital strategy including performance and rewards, people capability and assessments and improvement in HR systems and processes.

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Expert Advisory Program

The Expert Advisor Program is designed to support the HR tech product sector
with the domain expertise they require to develop products or market it.

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