An Interactive
HR market place

A one-stop-shop to bridge the gap and facilitate trade between Vendors & Consumers of HR Products & Services.

This HR-unique concept will offer buyers and sellers of HR services and technologies a convenient platform to exchange needs and services globally. An effective and easy way to find HR solutions online to support businesses.

For Buyers

We offer

a digital market of bundled HR solutions,curated list of 5000 registered providers for diagnostic tools, products, domain experts and services. We recommend appropriate solutions based on the organisation’s specific needs.

For Sellers

We provide

an interactive platform to showcase your capability and generate leads of purchasers of HR Products & Services. We help you accelerate your business growth with efficient use of time and money.

Launching our radically new SolveCube HR platform soon.

A progressive offering from

a Singapore based company iCube Consortium Pte. Ltd.
and its team of HR and Technology experts.